iLove my iPhone Apps

Not that long ago when I went out running, I needed a bunch of things to help me on my run:

  1. GPS to track speed and distance
  2. A map just in case I got lost
  3. Running watch
  4. Phone
  5. MP3 Player
  6. cash or credit card

Now, all I need is my iPhone and I have all of the above functionality AND MORE!  Here are my favorite things to have on my iPhone when I run:

  1. iMapMyRun ( a nifty little app that records your runs on a google-map-ish screen, logs distance and pace, allows you to save the runs and publish them on social media sites.  You can also log into the website and create a run using the mapping tool.
  2. See #1 but let’s face it, you are never lost anymore with Google Maps!
  3. Who needs a watch when you have #1 and the time/stopwatch features of your iPhone
  4. Well, this you still need
  5. I use www.pandora.comon my phone, but I also have all my songs in my phone’s iPod. I can have the map software running AND listen to music!
  6. This is probably my favorite one: After a run I would want to stop at Starbucks for coffee but couldn’t because I didn’t bring cash or a credit card.  Now, I have this little application on my iPhone that allows you to pay for anything at Starbucks, using your mobile phone:   No more carrying cash or cards in your pockets!  And, if you use a registered Starbucks card, you get free upgrades to your coffee and a free drink for every 15 that you purchase. I love my Starbucks!

So now, when I am running, my load has been lightened by having all the things I need right on my phone!

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